Friday, 14 April 2017

Once again I have got behind, or rather totally neglected my Blog, now I must make a new resolution to post updates regularly. So I will begin with some interesting news.

Zondearvan has produced a DVD to accompany my world religions textbook Understanding World Religions. Like the book it encourages people to attempt to see different world religions as they are seen by members of a particular faith. The DVD was intended for use in churches as well as colleges and universities. Therefore, it involves more comments on the relationship of different religions to Christianity.

 Note the upcoming promotion Zondervan is doing for UnderstandingWorld Religions Video Lectures from April 18-20, 2017. During the promotion, the lectures will be on sale for 55% off. 

They are selling them in two different formats. People can purchase them digitally (download + streaming) from Vimeo or as a DVD through (free shipping is included in this option).

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